Employee exit questionnaire

Closes 11 Nov 2026

Opened 8 Nov 2023


This survey has been created for the purpose of gathering data from those staff leaving the organisation. The data gathered by the Organisational Development and Design Team within OHR will be utilised to inform improvements to the employee experience of those working within the Public Service. 

Our aim is to further shape our organisation into a great place to work and an employer of choice here on the island.

Why your views matter

The experiences of those who have made the decision to move on from our organisation offer valuable perspective on some of the key areas that make an organisation successful. We are keen to understand more about different employee experiences here in the Public Service and any thoughts our leavers might have about what we could improve on for our people.

Use of data

To maximise security this digital survey has been developed internally to the Public Service using the Consultation Hub.

Participants are not required to provide a name when completing the survey or any contact information however participants who would like a copy of the survey they have completed can do this by providing an email address when prompted.

The data itself will be owned, processed and analysed by the Organisational Development and Design Team (OD+D) and shared with the OHR senior leadership team in the form of reports. The data will be utilised to inform a variety of improvement strategies including staff engagement, retention, succession planning etc.

Give us your views

We appreciate any information you can offer within this process and thank you for taking the time to complete this. If you would prefer a one to one exit interview with a member of our team or have any questions about the survey please contact +44 1624 685716 or email od+d@gov.im

Sincerest of thanks to our leavers for all your contributions and hard work during your time here in the Public Service. We wish you the best in your next steps.

Give us your views


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