Welcome to the Department of Health and Social Care Consultation and Engagement Hub

The Department of Health and Social Care is committed to creating an 'Island of health and well-being', making sure that the right health and social care services are delivered at the right time and in the right place.

It is equally important to us to do our utmost to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live long, happy and healthy lives.

We know that providing high quality services, that are sustainable and within budget, will sometimes require us to make changes to services or the way they are provided. 

As part of our legal duties, the Department must involve or inform the public whenever a proposal may have an impact on the way services are delivered. 

The consultation and engagement hub provides a place to do all of this and will make it easier for you to see what we are doing and understand why. 

You will have the opportunity to get involved and inform our policies and decision-making by taking part in our consultations and other engagement activities. You can shape policy by sharing your needs, values and experiences.

You will have access to our consultation surveys, you will be able to look at the results of closed consultations and see how the responses were used in our decision making and you will be able to find out about other ways to participate in our engagement events calendar.

We will also signpost links to other Government Department consultations which may impact health and social care patients and service users. 

A brief introduction to the DHSC

The DHSC restructured in April 2021 in line with the recommendations of Sir Jonathan Michael’s independent health and social care review

The core purpose of the DHSC is still to ensure that there are comprehensive integrated health and social care services for the residents of the Isle of Man.  We are responsible for establishing health and social care priorities, and writing appropriate policies to meet those priorities. 

The delivery of health and social care services is the responsibility of Manx Care – an arms-length statutory board.  

This separation between the DHSC and Manx Care allows us to review and monitor service delivery performance in an independent capacity, and helps us to focus on developing person-centred strategy, sustainable services, and continuous improvement of our health and social care system. 

In short, the DHSC decides what should be done (strategy) and provides funding.  Manx Care decides how to do it and provides services in ways that will meet the greatest needs of the population. These are delivered either directly or through its partners in the private and third sector (operational). 

To find out more about the DHSC, its structure, purpose and objectives, we encourage you to visit our gov.im webpage. Here you will be able to find general information, support and advice.

Tell us how to improve

Your feedback is essential to us getting this engagement hub right. Use this feedback form to tell us how we can inform and consult with you better.