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Consultation helps shape our work to inform the development of policy, projects and legislation.  It helps us to find out your views and lets us know about any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

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Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

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We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

We asked for the views of the public on the proposed content of a draft Safeguarding Bill; a Bill which has been designed to bring Safeguarding into statute, thereby strengthening the safeguarding arrangements.

You Said

The consultation attracted 31 responses in total  - 21 online responses as well as 10 responses by post and email.

Most respondents acknowledged the need for Safeguarding to be put on a statutory footing. There were some queries around the formation and make- up of the board and a small number were looking for more explanation around some of the definitions.

We Did

Full consideration has been given to the consultation responses received. Some minor amendments and development of definitions within the Bill are proposed before preparing the Bill for introduction to the Legislative Branches in November 2017.

We Asked

Following permission in January 2017 to bring forward a private members bill, Dr Allinson asked for feedback on the draft Abortion Reform Bill between 7 July and 18 September 2017. 

You Said

3644 people responded, including submissions from medical organisations, support organisations and campaign groups.

Of these responses, 77.7% were from women, and 21.8% from men. The majority of responses to the online survey were from people who told us they were aged between 17 and 54. Additional paper and email responses were received and are included in the analysis of the consultation responses.

93.6% of responses were from people who told us that they live in the Isle of Man and 6.3% who told us that they live elsewhere, generally in the UK and Ireland.

The majority of responses were in favour of reform:

  • 87% agree that a woman should have the choice to request an abortion up to 14 weeks
  • 84.7% agree that a woman should have the choice to request an abortion without having to report the rape
  • 81.5% think that a woman should have the choice to request an abortion if a fatal abnormality is identified, including after 24 weeks
  • 73.2% think that there could be circumstances in which an abortion should be provided after the 24th week
  • 70.2% think counselling should be best provided on-Island, funded by the NHS
  • Only 2.8% did not choose any of the options about providing counselling or information about counselling
  • 82.8% believe that that there are some social factors or situations when a woman should be able to choose to have an abortion
  • 1686 people provided further comments on what these social factors could be, including domestic abuse, addictions, homelessness, lack of support and low income
  • 81% think that the cost of abortion services should be provided by the NHS as part of women’s overall reproductive healthcare
  • 66.9% believe that healthcare staff should be able to opt out if they have conscientious objections
  • 85.1% think that there should be legal protection to prevent protest or demonstrations outside any facility which provides abortion advice or treatments on the Isle of Man

1540 people made further comments at the end of the consultation. 

We Did

We are now analysing the responses to provide more information and analysis of the comments provided alongside the multiple choice questions. These comments will inform the development of the next draft of the Bill.  A huge number of responses have been submitted so it will take some time to publish a fuller analysis of responses. 

We Asked

We asked for feedback on proposed reforms to the Work Permit system, to be achieved via Secondary legislation.

You Said

The consultation received over 150 responses. The majority of respondents supported all of the Departments proposals.

Many respondents made additional comments which have been considered as the proposals have been developed further.

We Did

The Department has prepared the relevant legislation to implement proposals 1-7 as set out in the Consultation, which will be brought before Tynwald in October 2017.

It is not intended to progress proposal 8 (‘Flipping’ the work permit system) at this stage.