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Consultation helps shape our work to inform the development of policy, projects and legislation. It helps us to find out your views and lets us know about any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

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Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

The Communications Commission sought your views on proposals for the definition of relevant telecommunications markets, Significant Market Power determinations, and proposed obligations to remedy identified competition issues.

You Said

In total 5 responses from licensed operators were received in response to the consultation: 4 were received using the consultation hub and 1 by email.

We Did

The Communications Commission is now considering your responses and conducting a review of the final decisions with the intention of publishing a final response and decision notices by 30th September 2019.

We Asked

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) consulted on options for possible inclusion in a new climate change mitigation strategy for 2020-2030 and interim targets.

The Isle of Man is faced with an energy trilemma, of balancing energy security, affordability and minimising the impact on the environment.

The United Nations has stated that Climate Change is the defining issue of our time and that urgent action must be taken now.

As part of the consultation we asked for opinions on:

  • education and promotion of energy efficiency;
  • improving energy efficiency in buildings;
  • electrification of the heating and transport sectors;
  • planning for when existing fossil fuel power generation is decommissioned so it will be replaced with low emission and sustainable generation;
  • improve efficiency and sustainability in land use and the waste sector.

You Said

We received 1,029 responses (96% from individuals).

  • 93% support change of public behaviour through long term awareness raising and initiatives;
  • 93% support new buildings being built to a “nearly zero emissions” standard;
  • 88% support a minimum energy efficiency standard when renting or selling properties;
  • 92% support community renewable energy;
  • 86% support installation of renewables before 2030s;
  • 95% support for grants and loans to invest in property energy efficiency;
  • 81% support Planning Permitted Development Orders for installation of air source heat pumps in non-conservation areas;
  • 80% support onshore wind generation in the Isle of Man;
  • 79% support free bus service;
  • 79% support the use of a Manx Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy efficiency rating for properties.
  • 77% support phasing out the sale of new petrol and diesel cars – 16% against;
  • 62% support the introduction of a Climate Change Levy on new fossil fuel boilers – 26% against;
  • 59% support levy on fossil fuel heating – 28% against;
  • 47% support a supplement on road tax for all fossil fuel vehicles – 40% against;
  • 79% prepared to pay separate tax or levy for climate change – 16% unwilling to pay;
  • 49% would pay more than 2% of household income on energy efficiency – 10% would pay none.

Please see report for a more detailed analysis.

We Did

We would like to thank those that took the time to answer the consultation online or in writing.

The Chief Minister has announced that a Climate Change Bill will be introduced in the next legislative year committing this government and future administrations to reach net-zero carbon emissions. Your consultation responses will be considered by the recently created Emergency Consultative Transformation Team to assist with producing a climate change action plan that will go to Tynwald in January 2020.

If the plan is approved by Tynwald, it will be used to assist in the drafting of the Climate Change Bill, and there will be a further consultation on the legislation and we would again welcome your feedback at that time. 

We Asked

The Cabinet Office asked for feedback on a wide range of possible changes to the Island’s domestic and non-domestic rating systems. The feedback was sought on the following main areas:

  • How non-domestic rates should be raised and collected
  • Whether there should be the ability to offer discounts to certain economic sectors
  • How should charities be treated within the rating system
  • Whether there should be transition periods for those experiencing significant increases and decreases
  • Prompt payment discounts
  • Should discounts be offered on domestic rates in relation to single person occupancy and ability to pay.

You Said

We received 346 responses to the consultation on the Consultation Hub and a further 18 written responses to the consultation on modernising the Isle of Man rates system. During the consultation process we also hosted a number of workshops to bring together the 22 Local Authorities to discuss their thoughts on modernising the rates system, their concerns and ideas, and during this time we also answered numerous phone calls and emails regarding the consultation.

We Did

We would like to thank those that took the time to answer the consultation online or in writing. The consultation responses are being used to finalise plan for rates modernisation which is currently being drafted. The responses to the consultation will be published in due course.

If the plan is approved by Tynwald, draft legislation to support modernisation process will be created, and there will be a further consultation on this legislation and we would again welcome your feedback at that time.