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Consultation helps shape our work to inform the development of policy, projects and legislation. It helps us to find out your views and lets us know about any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

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Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

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Closes 17 June 2019

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

Our consultation paper outlined proposals for enhancements to the Authority’s existing regulatory framework in relation to corporate governance requirements for general insurance intermediaries (“intermediaries”) and included a draft Governance Code.

You Said

We received 4 response from interested parties. 

We Did

We will take account of feedback in when incorporating the governance requirements proposed in CP18-07/T08 into consolidated regulatory requirements for intermediaries, which will be subject to further consultation in due course. 

We Asked

The purpose of the consultation was to ask for views on a proposed set of updated Regulations to give effect to the latest version of MARPOL Annex I. The current Regulations applying MARPOL Annex I are the Merchant Shipping (MARPOL Annex I – Prevention of Pollution by Oil) Regulations 2006, which will be revoked.

You Said

We received two responses to our consultation. The Department of Infrastructure suggested that we consider how awareness of the new regulations could be disseminated to smaller boat owners/operators, particularly those whose vessels are not registered with the Ship Registry.

The second response concerned the format of the consultation and the way in which the information was expressed rather than the Regulations themselves.

We Did

We intend to work with the Department of Infrastructure and other interested parties to ensure that information was transmitted to all owners and operators in the most efficient way.

We will proceed with the proposed changes to Regulations which shall be laid before Tynwald for approval in the coming months.

We Asked

The purpose of the consultation was to seek comments on the proposed content of the Safeguarding Board (Qualifications and Procedures) Regulations 2018, which set out the functions and operation of the Board and the Safeguarding Together Guidance, which provides a framework for professionals to work together to meet the requirements of the Safeguarding Act 2018.

Views were sought from everyone, but in particular from relevant stakeholders, including Government Departments, the third sector, private sector organisations and voluntary agencies that provide services to children and vulnerable adults.

Within the Programme for Government 2016-2021 the Isle of Man Government has committed to a society that is inclusive and caring. Within the theme of ‘Healthy and Safe Island’ there is a further commitment to improve the quality of life for children, young people, vulnerable adults and families at risk.

You Said

The consultation had 14 responses:

  • 12 online responses and
  • a further 2 which were received by email

Of these total 14 responses:

  • 9 respondents consented to publishing their response and these are now published and available to review
  • 2 of the responses made specific comments on fostering and family placement services – the Cabinet Office has ensured these comments have been passed on anonymously to the relevant Department

Of the 12 online responses, 8 were submitted by individuals and 4 were submitted on behalf of organisations.

Responses to the consultation included:

  • the scope of the Regulations and data sharing
  • the appointment of independent Board members
  • third and private sector representation on the Board
  • a number of specific comments in respect of the practical operation of the Board and panels
  • DBS checks
  • the responsibilities of non-affiliated bodies
  • a number of queries regarding the provisions within the Safeguarding Together Guidance
  • the potential burden on volunteers
  • partnership working
  • risk management
  • implementation of learning outcomes
  • the practicalities of partnerships working

Full consideration has been given to the consultation responses received resulting in a number of amendments to the Regulations and Safeguarding Together Guidance.

We Did

The Regulations and Safeguarding Together Guidance have been submitted for consideration at the January 2019 sitting of Tynwald.