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Consultation helps shape our work to inform the development of policy, projects and legislation.  It helps us to find out your views and lets us know about any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

See our archive for consultations issued before 1 January 2017.

Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes.

We Asked

We asked for feedback on proposed reforms to the Work Permit system, to be achieved via Secondary legislation.

You Said

The consultation received over 150 responses. The majority of respondents supported all of the Departments proposals.

Many respondents made additional comments which have been considered as the proposals have been developed further.

We Did

The Department has prepared the relevant legislation to implement proposals 1-7 as set out in the Consultation, which will be brought before Tynwald in October 2017.

It is not intended to progress proposal 8 (‘Flipping’ the work permit system) at this stage.

We Asked

We asked for the views of the public, on a number of recommendations in order to finalise the principles under which a means testing system should operate.

You Said

The consultation attracted 30 responses. The responses tended to focus on three distinct issues that did not perfectly align with the list of recommendations but were important nonetheless. They noted the desire for better information, definition of ‘means’ and the concept of social housing ought to be treated as a unique species of benefit.

We Did

We have published a Summary of Responses to the Consultation document. Noting the feedback received, Government will further develop the principles on which the means testing system could develop. 

We Asked

We asked for the views of the public, the banking industry and other interested bodies on a number of key overarching policy proposals which will establish a framework for the revised Depositors’ Compensation Scheme.

You Said

The consultation attracted 12 responses. Most respondents recognised the need to amend the DCS for it to comply more fully with underlying international principles and were generally supportive of the proposals. A number of queries were also raised by respondents and it became evident that further clarification would be required in some areas.

We Did

We have published a Summary of Responses to the Consultation document.  Noting the feedback received, the Treasury will continue to develop policy which will lead not only to a revised bank DCS, but also to establish a more effective framework of governing primary legislation covering all areas of deposit insurance.