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Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

We Asked, You Said, We Did

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We Asked

The purpose of the draft Order is to temporarily modify section 14 of the Act (occasional licences) so as to enable an occasional licence to be granted for a period of a maximum of 21 days in total from Wednesday 27 May 2020 to Tuesday 16 June 2020, being the TT qualification and race period and adjoining days.

You Said

The Department received 11 unique responses to their consultation, of which 7 were consolidated responses that were representative of either the views of organisations and/or businesses.

Within these responses was a reasonable balance of those in favour of the proposed change, and those opposed, along with some views that indicated that the respondents would be in favour of an alternative extension period between the proposed 21 days, and the currently possible under existing legislation without change to law, 14 days.

The views received from 4 individual residents, the majority of whom indicated that they lived in Douglas in the immediate vicinity of an entertainment venue, whilst not overwhelmingly negative in terms of liquor licensing did express concerns around noise levels from these entertainments and the impact of this on residents for an additional week.


General Comments/content

Department of Enterprise


Isle of Man Constabulary


Licensees Representative Organisation

Licensees Representative Organisation did not support the 21 day extension however were in support of the additional weekend tied to TT period.

Major Brewery #1


Licensed Business #1

Did not support 21 day extension however was in support of additional weekend tied to TT period

Major Brewery #2

Were supportive of the additional weekend tied to the TT period

Licensed Business #2


Individual #1

Negative primarily with concerns around noise/waste/crime

Individual #2

Positive around liquor licensing albeit concerns are raised around noise for residents later in the evening in areas close to entertainment venues

Individual #3

Negative primarily with concerns around noise close to entertainment venues, also raises same complaint around noise from fair

Individual #4

Positive around liquor licensing albeit concerns are raised around noise for residents later in the evening in areas close to entertainment venues

We Did

On careful consideration of all received views, the Department proposes that 2 days will be added to the standard period of 14 days which may be granted for an Occasional Licence.  This 16 day period is proposed from Saturday 23 May 2020 to Sunday 7 June 2020 to include the TT qualification and race period and adjoining weekends.  It was viewed that the inclusion of an additional weekend would enhance the entertainment offering for both visitors and residents alike while having the minimum negative impact on local residents.

Future planned action

The Department will also be interested to garner the views of the public and organisations should the proposed trial period of 16 days be granted for TT 2020.  Further public communication will be made to facilitate this review in 2020, closer to the TT period, should this Order be approved at the sitting of Tynwald in December 2019.

We Asked

We asked for your comments on the draft Equality Act 2017 (Age Exceptions for Pension Schemes) Order 2019.

You Said

No responses to this consultation were received via the Consultation Hub. However, we did receive comments via email from the Communication Workers Union (CWU), the IoM Financial Services Authority (“the FSA”) and the IoM Public Sector Pensions Authority (“the PSPA”).

The CWU is supportive of the Order being made stating “We recognise that there is a need for a facility in law to allow for age exceptions relating to pensions for the purposes of achieving a legitimate aim”.

The response from the FSA was confined to the precise drafting of the Order; no comments were made as to its effects.

The PSPA responded stating that it had no comments to make on the (proposed) Order. 

No other comments were received.

We Did

The Treasury will now decide whether to make the Equality Act 2017 (Age Exceptions for Pension Schemes) Order 2019.

We Asked

A Planning Action Plan was laid before Tynwald on 15 May 2018.  It included a commitment to make changes to the existing Town and Country Planning Act, 1999.  The Planning Act 2019 came into operation on the 20th October 2019.  Whilst the Act was awaiting Royal Assent, a public consultation was carried out which sought views in relation to a number of pieces of secondary legislation which would be required to implement the changes made in the Act.  The consultation is part of a joint project between the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture and the Cabinet Office to take forward the Reform of the Planning System.

You Said

There were 26 responses to the consultation.  Responses were received from 5 Local Authorities, Manx Utilities, the Department of Infrastructure, the Alliance for Building Conservation the Isle of Man Antiquarian and Natural History Society, as well as developers and members of the public. 

We Did

A report has been published which includes a summary of the responses and the issues they raise.  The emerging legislation will be informed accordingly.