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Consultation helps shape our work to inform the development of policy, projects and legislation.  It helps us to find out your views and lets us know about any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

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Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

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Criminal Justice, Offender Management, Sentencing and Domestic Abuse
Planning – Draft Area Plan for the East
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Insurance Intermediation – exemptions from registration and cross border business
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House Improvement (Adaptations) Scheme 2018
Organ Donation (Isle of Man) Bill 2018
Criminal Evidence Bill 2018
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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

The Attorney General’s Chambers sought your views on proposed new legislation which aims to improve and clarify the position in relation to certain evidence in criminal cases, particularly in relation to hearsay evidence.

You Said

We received one response from the judiciary on technical issues relating to the power to make Rules and the use of “live link” video recording.

We Did

We considered the response and the draft Bill was amended accordingly. The Bill was introduced into the Legislative Council on 26 June 2018.

We Asked

As part of the root and branch review of the Isle of Man’s election legislation, the Cabinet Office sought your views on how elections should be run in the Isle of Man in future between 5 April to 20 May 2018.

You Said

We received 109 responses in total, from a number of types of respondent, including organisations, local authorities, Tynwald members and individuals.

  • 33 gave permission to publish their response in full
  • 63 gave permission to publish anonymously
  • 13 did not give consent to publish on the Consultation Hub

Clear themes emerging from the consultation responses include:

  • Accessibility
  • Modernization and digitization
  • Consistency between national and local elections
  • Need for guidance and good practice information

The Cabinet Office is grateful to all those who took the time to submit their views to this consultation.

We Did

The responses to this consultation will be used to inform the policy options required to underpin drafting instructions for the new legislation.

We Asked

The Communications Commission is required to review the Mobile Termination Rate annually. We consulted on our draft decision to retain the rates at 1.25 pence per minute for a further year from 1 May 2018.

You Said

We received 2 responses to our consultation. Neither objected to our draft decision.

We Did

We have made the decision to retain the rates at 1.25 pence per minute. This will be effective from 1 May 2018 for a one year period.