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Consultation helps shape our work to inform the development of policy, projects and legislation. It helps us to find out your views and lets us know about any ideas or suggestions you may have. 

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Eaisht lesh dagh cleaysh, eisht jean briwnys
Listen with each ear, then decide

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

The Isle of Man Civil Aviation Administration consulted on proposed aviation safety legislation for small unmanned aircraft (SUA). Feedback was sought on a number of areas including:

  • Night flying
  • Flying larger SUAs
  • First-person view by an observer
  • Maximum height and distance
  • Flying near buildings and people

You Said

We received 56 responses to the consultation.

52% of respondents did not agree that permission should be required for flying a SUA at night.

41% of respondents thought that the cut-off weight of 4kgs was too light for those SUAs that required permission to fly.

73% of respondents agreed with the ability to use first-person-view with a competent observer.

68% of respondents agreed with the requirement not to fly a SUA at more than 400 feet above the earth’s surface without permission.

55% of respondents agreed with requirement not to fly a SUA over or within 150 metres of a substantially residential, industrial or recreational area without permission.

In a number of areas, respondents felt that the penalty was too severe.

Please see the report for more detailed analysis.

We Did

Although 57% of respondents agreed with the requirement not to fly a SUA more than 500 metres away we decided to withdraw the proposal as we concurred with the points raised by respondents who did not support the requirement.

All the other proposals will be taken forward.

We would like to thank those that took the time to respond to the consultation.

We Asked

The Department of Health and Social Care asked you for your views of private healthcare provision in the Island.

We asked what would be important to you in choosing whether or not to make use of private healthcare and we asked those who had previously used private healthcare for their opinions of the care they received.

You Said

We received 432 responses, which included views from medical and nursing staff along with businesses and the general public. 69% of responses were from people who had previously used private healthcare and these were roughly evenly split between those who had used only Noble’s, those who had used a different provider, and those who had used both Noble’s and another provider.

Around 50% of all respondents said that they currently have private healthcare insurance and 89% said that they may consider private healthcare in the future.

For ranking the importance of items, the consultation employed a 5 point scale (with 1 representing “least important” and 5 representing “very important”). This enabled us to produce a summary figure for each of the items ranked by how important they are to you. For each item a score of “1” would indicate that an item is not at all important relative to other items and a score of “5” would mean that the item is extremely important. Here are the top 3 ranked items, together with their scores, for each of the main topics addressed in the consultation:-

Importance when considering private healthcare options

You said:

  • Shorter waiting lists compared to NHS - 4.5
  • Outcomes for patients and expertise in procedure type, low complication rates – 4.3
  • Being able to select a specific consultant – 4.1

Importance when selecting a private consultant

You said:

  • Flexibility of dates for consultation/procedures – 4.1
  • Availability of clear information about a consultant’s professional experience– 4.0
  • Consultant available for consultation in IOM - 3.9

Importance of facilities in an outpatient clinic

You said:

  • Good parking availability – 4.0
  • Receptionist always on duty – 3.7
  • Drop-in blood clinic available – 3.4

Importance of inpatient facilities

You said:

  • Staff to patient ratios – 4.3
  • Flexibility and choice of dates - 4.1
  • Food / menu choices – 3.6

Please see the full report for the complete analysis of responses to all questions. There are a number of ‘not answered’ responses to many of the questions in the consultation which many will be from users who have completed the consultation but are not or have not been past users of private healthcare and are therefore unable to comment on specific questions.

We Did

We would like to thank those that took the time to answer the consultation online or in writing. The consultation responses will be used to guide the design of a new model for private healthcare services people want to access on Island.

The Department of Health and Social Care continues to explore opportunities to partner with others to implement a new model for our private medical services. Further updates will be given by the Department in December 2019.

We Asked

The Communications Commission sought your views on proposals for the definition of relevant telecommunications markets, Significant Market Power determinations, and proposed obligations to remedy identified competition issues.

You Said

In total 5 responses from licensed operators were received in response to the consultation: 4 were received using the consultation hub and 1 by email.

We Did

The Communications Commission is now considering your responses and conducting a review of the final decisions with the intention of publishing a final response and decision notices by 30th September 2019.