Whistleblowing Policy

Closed 17 Aug 2021

Opened 7 Jul 2021


The Office of Human Resources, Cabinet Office is seeking views on an updated draft Isle of Man Government Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure.

Why your views matter

Following recommendations made in the Report of the Tynwald Select Committee on Whistleblowing, debated in Tynwald at its sitting in February 2021, the Office of Human Resources has updated the existing Isle of Man Government Whistleblowing Policy (last reviewed in 2016), in order to improve the Whistleblowing process by:

  • Making it clearer who is responsible for managing a Whistleblowing concern,
  • Separating the document into a statement of policy and principles and a separate appendix containing a formal procedure
  • Restricting what can be subject to a Whistleblowing Concern to only those matters which in law are regarded as protected disclosures (otherwise other procedures should be used such as Fairness at Work or discipline).


The aim is to have a Whistleblowing Policy in place pending more wholesale changes that will be required in a year or two once the revised legislative framework is in place, as per the agreed recommendations from the Select Committee.

Feedback on the updated draft Isle of Man Government Whistleblowing Policy, stating any concerns, observations or issues that may be perceived would be welcomed.


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