Your thoughts on how GP services, dental services, pharmacies and opticians can best support you to be happy and well

Closes 29 Jan 2021

Opened 23 Dec 2020


The Health and Care Transformation Programme (HCTP) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work together to transform health and care services across our Island so that they are high-quality, work in a joined-up way, provide personalised care and are financially sustainable.

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Why we are consulting

The following questions will help us at the HCTP to understand what changes are most important to you. Your views will help shape what future health and care services are. We have been asking people about all parts of the health and care system and today we would like to focus on a specific part of the system called Primary Care. Primary Care are the services that you generally visit when you first need support, including General Practice, Pharmacy, Optometry (opticians) and Dentistry. 

Your responses to this survey will be anonymised and protected. 

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