Gas Sector Regulation: Implementation of Price Controls

Closed 15 Apr 2021

Opened 15 Mar 2021


This consultation sets out the preliminary positions adopted by the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority (the Authority) in respect of making Regulations to set tariffs for the public supply of gas on the Island.

The Consultation makes clear that the Regulations being consulted on are a temporary consumer protection measure to prevent excessive pricing in anticipation of regulation being introduced. The Proposed Regulations are part of a longer term approach to regulation that will see further Regulations being brought forward for consultation this year.  

Why your views matter

The responses to the consultation will inform the Authority’s approach to regulation in this area. The Authority is also required under s.6 Gas Regulation Act 1995 (as amended) to consult with the public gas supplier (a) consult with the public gas supplier on whom it proposes to impose the conditions; and (b) take into consideration any feedback received in the course of  that consultation. The Authority has an overarching duty to undertake public consultation in the exercise of its functions.   

What happens next

Consultation responses will be processed by the Authority. The Authority will prepare and publish a summary of the responses and its consideration of the responses received, and any further consultation and/or decision(s).


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