Review of the Isle of Man Mobile Communications Markets 2019

Closed 31 Jan 2020

Opened 6 Dec 2019

Results Updated 2 Dec 2019



The Review of the Isle of Man Mobile Communications Markets 2019 invites views on proposals for the definitions of relevant telecommunications markets, Significant Market Power determinations, and proposed obligations to remedy identified competition issues. Provisions for conducting market reviews and placing additional obligations on operators with significant market power are contained within the licences issued under Section 5 of the Telecommunications Act 1984 (of Tynwald). 

The full document is available below as a PDF and includes a draft Decision Notice which sets out the proposed final determinations and additional obligations, and this constitutes a notification of proposed determinations as required in each operators’ Licence. The Communications Commission (the Commission) will consider representations before publishing the final Decision Notice.

The foreword to the document explains how to submit views. 

The consultation asks specific questions based on information provided in the full market review document, respondees should consider this information in any response and refer back to it.  Responses will be fully considered before the Commission publishes its final Decision Notice, which will constitute the market power determinations and remedies. As such it is important for respondees to ensure they have included sufficient rationale, objective justification, and/or evidence in their responses.

If you wish to discuss the issues and questions raised in this consultation, or simply seek clarification, please contact the Commission.

Why We Are Consulting

This is the second round of Market Reviews, the first was in 2012 with details available on the Communication Commission’s website, and the Commission is seeking views on its preliminary findings and remedies.

What Happens Next

Consultation responses will be processed by the Communications Commission to inform the final decisions and feedback will be given.


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