Review of ISP Licences

Closed 11 Dec 2017

Opened 27 Oct 2017


This consultation is aimed at considering whether, and if so, how, the Communications Commission should review Internet Service Provider (ISP) licences.

The Communications Commission would welcome views from the business community and in particular current and potential licensees. 

Why We Are Consulting

ISP licences were originally designed in an era of dial-up internet access prior to the introduction of consumer broadband services, to facilitate market entry by service providers who wanted to offer internet data services to customers, where the customer would buy other fixed access services such as line rental and voice calls from other providers.  Technology has evolved and the line between ISP and full licensee’s offerings appear increasingly blurred.



What Happens Next

The Commission will consider responses to this consultation before coming to a conclusion on how, or whether it should address a licence review.   


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