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  • Code of Practice on Recognition of Trade Unions in the Workplace

    Codes of Practice are written in clear terms for lay people in order to provide practical guidance on specific topics. The Department for Enterprise has powers to issue codes for the purpose of improving industrial relations. One of these is the Code of Practice on Trade Union Recognition 2001. This Code sets out expectations and a process for recognition of a trade union in a workplace by an employer. Recognition is important because, though Isle of Man law places no... More
    Closes 12 April 2024
  • Regulation of Crypto-Asset Activities

    The purpose of this Discussion Paper is to seek views on the current approach to the oversight of certain crypto-asset activities for anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (‘AML/CFT’) purposes, the desirability (or not) of regulation, the potential approaches to regulation and how the cost of regulation should be funded. More
    Closes 9 April 2024
  • National Infrastructure Security Bill (NISB) – Public Consultation

    Isle of Man residents should have confidence in the security and resilience of national infrastructure sectors to deliver essential goods and services. Essential services – such as our electricity grid, water supply and telecommunication systems should be able to withstand and recover from hazards that might disrupt their functions. Unfortunately, hostile entities and criminals have recognised that this dependency creates an opportunity for what have become known as... More
    Closes 25 March 2024
  • Whistleblowing to Prescribed Persons

    The Department for Enterprise introduced the Employment (Amendment) Bill to the House of Keys in June 2023. Among other things, the Bill includes measures to improve the legislative framework around whistleblowing. Alongside these changes the Department has committed to reviewing the list of those referred to as 'prescribed persons' in the whistleblowing legislation. Prescribed persons are persons (or bodies) to whom a worker can make a whistleblowing disclosure, in... More
    Closes 1 March 2024
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