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  • Education (Amendment) Bill

    The Department is seeking the views of the public on areas that are considered appropriate for update in the proposed Education (Amendment) Bill. Who is this consultation for? Within ‘Our Island Plan’, which sets out the Island’s vision for the next 10-15 years, one of the Strategic Priorities is to provide ‘Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all’. To work towards this priority, the Department views it as essential that the... More
    Opened 27 March 2024
  • CP24-03 Update to the Insurance Regulations and Insurance Special Purpose Vehicles Regulations

    The purpose of the consultation is to obtain views in relation to the Authority’s proposals to update and integrate the Insurance Regulations 2021 with simplified elements of the Insurance (Special Purpose Vehicles) Regulations 2015 and Guidance Notes for Insurance Special Purpose Vehicles into a combined single document: the Insurance Regulations 2024. The consultation also includes additional proposals relating to fast-track authorisation, regulatory sandboxing and potential... More
    Opened 3 April 2024
  • CP24-04 Update to the Insurance Solvency Framework and Insurance Fees Regulations

    Consultation CP24-04 is requesting feedback on the draft Insurance (Fees and Solvency) (Amendment) Regulations 2024 which updates: the Insurance Solvency Framework in line with developments in equivalent international frameworks (including an update to the risk margin calculation) and the Insurance (Fees) Regulations 2021 in respect of changes being made to the Island’s Insurance Special Purpose Vehicles framework in consultation paper CP24-03 More
    Opened 3 April 2024
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