Access to Cash Survey

Closed 7 Sep 2023

Opened 27 Jul 2023

Results updated 17 Oct 2023

Below are the key findings of the survey. You can read the whole summary of responses document below under 'files'. 

Key findings of the survey

  • 68% believe cash usage has decreased due to the impacts of the pandemic. Only 2% believe usage has increased
  • 86% stated that they withdraw cash at least once a month
  • 42% stated they withdraw cash at least once per week (this includes those who take their pension in cash)
  • 92% stated they withdraw cash at some points
  • 6% stated they do not withdraw cash at all (with 2% electing not to respond)

Key findings in relation to accessing cash

Cash withdrawal

  • 80% use ATMs as primary method
  • 12% use bank counters or cashback options
  • Many use a combination of all three options

Access to cash

  • 49% have no problems withdrawing cash
  • 24% feel the ability to withdraw is limited

ATM network

  • 42% believe the current network is limited
  • 19% believe the current network is not convinient for them

Non-purchase cashback

  • 19% believe a non-purchase option would increase the use of cashback
  • 16% believe more retailers should offer cashback

Key findings for those that paid using cash over the last two weeks

  • 84.61% of all respondents have used cash to purchase something in the last two weeks
  • 62% used in a local convenience store
  • 51% used in a cafe
  • 46% used in a supermarket
  • 37% used to pay family and/or friends
  • 7% used to pay utility bills

Key findings in relation to non-cash payment methods

Cashless society

  • 46% believe moving to a cashless society would be problematic
  • 16% believe that this move is already underway

Online banking

  • 29% use internet banking all the time
  • 20% do not use internet banking at all

Concerns raised

  • 65% are concerned about the general security of digital payments and banking
  • 30% are concerned about fraud

Difficulties raised

  • 18% have difficulty accessing digital banking and payments
  • 17% find digital payment methods make tracking spend more difficult

Why people prefer cash

  • 69% felt cash was convenient for small purchases
  • 68% said it was useful in emergencies
  • 60% said it provided better awareness of spending compared to non-cash options
  • 46% said it made budgeting easier
  • 41% said it was more secure than other non-cash payment methods




As part of our commitment to responding to the Access to Cash Report 2022 findings, the Department for Enterprise (DfE) is seeking information through a survey in regards to how individuals make payments and more generally use cash.

Responses will be collated to provide DfE with an indication of the current cash usage trends across the Island’s adult population.

Why your views matter

DfE are carrying out this survey as part of our commitment to responding to the Access to Cash Report findings.

Responding to the survey

You can respond to the survey online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the survey under 'Related' below and email your responses to or return a hard copy to: 

Access to Cash Survey
Department for Enterprise
St George’s Court
Upper Church Street
Isle of Man

The survey is open from 27 July 2023 to 7 September 2023.

This is an anonymous survey.


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