Further reforms to the work permit system

Closed 28 Apr 2023

Opened 15 Mar 2023

Feedback updated 4 Jul 2023

We asked

The Department for Enterprise asked for views on specific proposals to temporarily remove the requirement for Work Permits across all roles, occupations and economic sectors given the ongoing skills shortages and low levels of unemployment.  Feedback was also sought on a replacement registration process, the level of fee to be charged for such registration and maintaining the current position on persons with certain criminal convictions being required to still follow the full Work Permit process.

You said

253 responses were received (250 via the consultation Hub and 3 separate written responses).  The majority of respondents supported the proposals as set out in the consultation.

  • 170 respondents (67%) expressed their views that there were no specific sectors or occupations where the requirement for a work permit needs to be retained
  • 205 respondents (81%) supported the principle of requiring an employer to register non-Isle of Man Workers in replacement of a work permit application
  • 233 respondents (92%) supported the principle of maintaining the existing provisions in respect of persons with certain criminal convictions
  • 163 respondents (64%) supported the retention of a fee, to be paid at the time of registering a non-Isle of Man worker
  • 151 respondents (60%) supported, on balance, the overall proposed approach.  Of those respondents who did not support the proposed approach, a further 26 (10%) expressed views that the proposals did not go far enough and the whole process should be removed / revoked.

Therefore, overall, there was a significant majority of respondents in support of further reform to the Work Permit system, with the specific proposals of the Department also receiving majority support.

We did

The Department has considered the responses to the consultation carefully and has published a consultation response which is available as a downloadable document on this page.  This consultation report summarises the responses received and sets out the next steps the Department intends to take following the consultation which concluded with a significant majority of respondents expressing the view that further reforms to the work permit system were required, with the specific proposals set out by the Department also receiving majority support.

The required legislative amendments will now be prepared and the Department intends to bring these forward at the October 2023 sitting of Tynwald.

Subject to the will of Tynwald, the Department intends to implement the revised process as soon as practicable following approval and clear guidance will be made available for both employers and employees, with the changes widely publicised ahead of implementation, if ultimately approved.

Results updated 4 Jul 2023



The Department is considering further reforms to the work permit system in line with a commitment in the Island Plan and in support of the ambitions of the Economic Strategy.

The Department wishes to seek feedback on proposals to further reform work permits, in order to fully inform any final proposals brought forward.


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