Isle of Man TT Races – Schedule change starting from TT 2023

Closed 19 Aug 2022

Opened 19 Jul 2022

Feedback updated 31 Oct 2022

We asked

The Department for Enterprise carried out this consultation in July and August 2022 seeking the views of Isle of Man Residents and TT Visitors of the proposed new schedule for the TT Races. The Department asked a number of questions around the impact changes to the schedule would have on residents and visitors. 

You said

The Motorsport Team received 1442 responses to the Consultation. Of these, 1032 response were residents (72%), 410 (28%) were non-residents. Of the 1032 residents, 295 are residents or businesses on the course (20% of the overall response/ 29% of the resident response). 16% of the respondents stated that they were volunteers at the event.

The results from each question are detailed in the attached results document.

We did

The Department considered each response individually and thanks is given to respondents who took the time to submit a reply to the consultation. Assessing the responses alongside stakeholder feedback and the long-term benefits linked to the new schedule, the Department has reached the decision to implement the proposed 2023 schedule.

The Road Closure application will now be submitted by the Race Organiser to the Department for Infrastructure in accordance with the Road Races Act 2016. A full copy of the schedule can be found on the Isle of Man TT Races website.

An internal review will be held post-event ahead of confirming the 2024 schedule.

Results updated 31 Oct 2022



Following extensive customer and stakeholder research conducted following the cancellation of TT 2020 and TT 2021, the Department for Enterprise (DfE) has proposed a new race schedule to unlock the event’s full potential, maximising the return on the public purse investment needed to deliver the event and ensure the event’s long term sustainability and viability.

Please read the consultation paper, available under 'Related' below, in full before responding to the consultation.

Why your views matter

The DfE recognise that road closures for racing may impact on the day-to-day activities of Island residents. Feedback to this consultation will allow us to consider those impacts alongside the proposed schedule.

The Department for Enterprise initially invited public feedback in June 2021 via the Government portal for the proposed new 2023 schedule, which received a limited response. The Department is now inviting further feedback from members of the public via this consultation.

Once the results of this consultation have been reviewed, the Department for Infrastructure will post a public notice of the proposed road closure schedule, with the opportunity for local residents to provide final comment on the schedule before it is formally ratified.

It is the Department’s intention that this new schedule will be approved for the benefit of visiting fans, many of whom are now starting to book their travel already.

What happens next

Upon conclusion of the consultation, the responses will be collated along with the existing research and presented initially to the Department for Enterprise.

If approved by the Department, the Council of Ministers will be asked to review and approve or reject the proposed schedule change as they see appropriate based on the results of the consultation as well as other stakeholder research that has already been carried out.

The Department for Infrastructure will then publish the full road closure schedule and invite further comment. 


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