Whistleblowing legislation

Closed 12 Sep 2022

Opened 30 Jun 2022


The Department seeks views on a number of short term changes to improve whistleblowing legislation, while also consulting on proposals for longer-term, more far reaching changes to the whistleblowing framework in the Isle of Man.

Why your views matter

A number of high profile cases over the years have highlighted the issue of whistleblowing and whether the Island’s legislative framework for protected disclosures could be strengthened.

In 2019 the Tynwald Select Committee on Whistleblowing recommended a number of measures to improve the whistleblowing framework in the Island. It also recommended that a consultation on a new statutory framework for whistleblowing should be undertaken.

Submitting your response

You can submit your response online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below or via post or email by downloading the consultation paper found on the 'Related' section below. 


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