Apprenticeship (Skills Development Review) 2021

Closed 16 Jan 2022

Opened 26 Nov 2021


As part a review of the Isle of Man’s Education and Training functions, the Department of Education Sport and Culture seek views on policy principles around the provision of the apprenticeship scheme. The responses to this consultation will be used to inform the policy required to develop a new proposed Apprenticeship Scheme (Skills Development Scheme).

The principal purpose of providing financial assistance under the Apprenticeship scheme is to develop the skills of the Island's workforce in order to stimulate wider economic benefits (revenues, jobs, profits, expenditure in the local economy) and the associated fiscal benefits (direct and indirect taxes) which are far in excess  of the financial support provided.

Why your views matter

To gather information regarding the potential future use and administration of the scheme with a view  to stimulate growth in the Isle of Man economy and to ensure that the scheme is fit for current times.


  • All Areas


  • Students
  • Parents, carers and & guardians


  • Education 16-19
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education