The New Education Bill

Closed 20 Mar 2019

Opened 29 Jan 2019


The Education Act 2001 has been the primary legislation governing what happens in education since it came into effect in 2004. It was necessary to make changes in 2009 and now the Department of Education, Sport and Culture believes the time is right to look at new legislation in some key areas. A consultation has occurred on principles and the Department is grateful for the feedback and comments of all who took part in that exercise.

In considering a new Education Bill, all areas of the present legislation have been considered and although some areas have seen significant changes proposed, there are areas which are unchanged. The primary focus of this consultation is on those aspects which have changed significantly although comments are most welcome on those aspects which have not changed.

This consultation is about the draft Education Bill which will update the Island’s legislation to reflect changes in education practice both in the UK and other jurisdictions as well as seeking to be progressive where appropriate.

Following the consultation on principles, the Education Council will no longer exist along with the Religious Education Advisory Council. Religious Education will become a compulsory school subject and issues relating to assemblies will be dealt with in the Articles and Instruments of Government of schools.

We are looking for views from members of the public on:

  • the major changes being proposed in the new Bill
  • the proposed changes to amend or add to existing legislative provisions

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation will help the Department of Education, Sport and Culture understand views from members of the public on the changes that are being proposed in the new Education Bill. 

What Happens Next

Consultation responses will be processed by the Department to inform the final contents of the Bill and feedback will be given.


  • All Areas


  • All residents


  • Education 16-19
  • Early years & primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education