Voucher Survey

Closed 7 Sep 2020

Opened 8 Aug 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian,

The food shopping voucher scheme that was introduced during the COVID19 pandemic on the Island  has now been extended from July to September 2020.

We would very much like to understand the challenges faced by parents and carers during the school holiday periods and are currently seeking your views on the voucher scheme taking place during summer 2020. 

The survey is anonymous and no personal identifying information will be requested.

We thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.


Why We Are Consulting

Through our commitment in the Programme for Government to be an Inclusive and Caring Island, the information that you provide us with will help to understand the challenges faced by parents and carers during holiday periods and will be reported on as part of the Government’s Cold, Hunger and Homelessness Action Plan.

What Happens Next

The results from this survey will be used in conjunction with the Government's Cold, Hunger and Homelessness Action Plan and will be published on the Government's consultation pages which can be accessed via this consultation page Voucher Survey

Your data will be handled in accordance wtih our privacy notice which can be found via this link Cabinet Office Privacy Notice


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