Animal welfare code of practice for dogs

Closed 2 Nov 2023

Opened 21 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 8 Mar 2024

We asked

The purpose of the consultation by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) was to seek views on the draft Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Dogs.

You said

The Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture received 128 responses to the consultation. Of these, 124 responses were from individuals and 4 Responses were representatives of society/ company/ charity.

  • 56.8% of respondents said that the code covered everything required
  • 19.7% of respondents said there were things in the code they disagreed with
  • 76.5% of respondents said there was enough detail in the code
  • 97% said the code was understandable

We did

The Department is grateful to those individuals and organisations who took time to respond to the consultation and tell us their views on the proposed Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Dogs. As stated above a number of changes will be made to the code to reflect some of the responses received to the consultation. Whilst some of the responses to the consultation are outside of the scope of the code, the Department will look at addressing some of the other concerns in future policy development.

Results updated 8 Mar 2024



This consultation seeks views on the Draft Isle of Man Animal Welfare code of practice for dogs. The objective of this proposal is to ensure that guidance on how owners/keepers comply with the new animal welfare act (if the bill gains Royal Assent), is up to date, reflecting the latest scientific and veterinary knowledge whilst being presented in the most relevant way for owners/keepers.

Once the content of the codes is agreed they will be formatted to be more appealing for the reader. The content of the code is largely the same as the England Animal Welfare Code of Practice for dogs. The codes of practice when agreed will be laid before Tynwald, if the Animal Welfare Bill 2023 gains Royal Assent.

Why your views matter

The Isle of Man Government is seeking opinion from stakeholders, interested parties and the general public on their views around the draft animal welfare code of practice for dogs.  The views will then be taken into account by the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture when finalising the content of the welfare code of practice for dogs.

Please contact us if you would like a paper copy of the survey.


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