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Closed 26 Nov 2020

Opened 7 Oct 2020

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The Department is seeking views on proposals to introduce a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) in the Isle of Man.

The United Kingdom (UK) have operated a FHRS since 2010. Restaurants, takeaways, cafes, pubs, hotels, schools and other places where people eat out or buy food are given a hygiene rating of between ‘0’ (urgent improvement necessary) and ‘5’ (very good). Further information about the UK Food Hygiene Rating Scheme can be found here

A FHRS is a key public health measure and an important commercial driver for businesses to achieve and maintain compliance with existing food hygiene law. It provides transparency to consumers about the hygiene standards in food outlets at the time of inspection and allows consumers to make informed choices about where they eat out or shop for food.

Since the introduction of the scheme in the UK, a continued improvement in standards of food hygiene has been seen. A FHRS is designed so that all businesses, no matter how small, can achieve the top rating by meeting the legal requirements. Any improvements that businesses need to make to get a higher rating are no more than is already required of them by law. A FHRS can also allow for enforcement team resources to be directed to poorly performing businesses. 

Introducing a FHRS in the Isle of Man would contribute to the Department’s commitment to maintain alignment with the UK, with regards to food safety and standards. Maintaining alignment with the UK is essential for, continued growth of the Islands food industry and trade with both the UK and European Union.

In the UK all food hygiene ratings are publicised on dedicated websites and in Wales and Northern Ireland, food businesses are legally required to display their food hygiene rating on the premises door or window. This mandatory requirement to display the rating has driven improved and sustained food safety compliance in these areas and it is likely that England and Scotland will, in the future, also make it a mandatory requirement.

Introducing a FHRS in the Isle of Man would require new legislation which it is anticipated will be issued for public consultation in late 2020/early 2021.


If you work within the food industry please complete this survey from the perspective of a consumer, in addition to completing the food industry specific survey which can be found here;


Why your views matter

The Department is consulting to seek views from members of the public, food business operators and those working in the food industry with regards to:

  • the proposal to introduce of a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in the Isle of Man;
  • the display of food hygiene ratings on premises, websites and social media platforms.

The Department welcomes responses to the following questions along with any additional comments that you consider may be of relevance. 


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