The Introduction of Water Quality Objectives and Environmental Quality Standards

Closes 7 Oct 2020

Opened 15 Jul 2020


The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture is seeking views on proposals to introduce Water Quality Objectives (WQO) and Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) to assess water quality and monitor compliance for inland, coastal and bathing waters in the Isle of Man.

Water quality can be affected by many factors including agricultural run-off, domestic sewage and heavy metals from historic mining activity.

The proposed new Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) would bring the Island in line with the UK and protect its waterways for both people and wildlife.

Upland streams need protection because they feed reservoirs for drinking water, rivers support fish and other wildlife and provide opportunities for recreation. Coastal waters are important as fisheries and for swimming.  High levels of pollutants can threaten each of these delicate ecosystems.

The Water Pollution Act 1993 requires the Isle of Man Government to protect water courses from pollution. If pollution is not adequately controlled it could have a negative impact on the environment for local people and visitors.

Why We Are Consulting

  • To seek views from the public on the proposed environmental quality standards as detailed in Tables 1-3.
  • To seek views from the public on the recommendation as outlined by the external consultants APEM on introducing the environmental quality standards

The Department welcomes your responses to the following questions along with any additional comments on the proposals that you consider may be of relevance. This consultation will run for a period of 3 months.

A paper copy of the consultation is available below under Related Documents below. Responses should be sent in writing and preferably by email to:

Environmental Quality Standards Consultation
Environmental Protection Unit
Environment Directorate
Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture
Foxdale Road
St Johns
Isle of Man


The closing date for the receipt of comments is 5pm on Wednesday 7 October 2020.

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