Introduction of new fisheries spatial management measures in the Western Irish Sea Mud-belt

Closed 18 Mar 2024

Opened 6 Feb 2024

Results updated 28 Mar 2024



The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (‘the Department’) is seeking views from relevant stakeholders on the introduction of new spatial management measures in parts of the Island’s territorial sea known as the Western Irish Sea Mud-Belt (‘WISMB’). The consultation is directed primarily towards commercial fisheries stakeholders as the proposed measures will directly impact the conditions of the Isle of Man sea fishing licence; however, views from other stakeholders and the general public are also welcome. 

Why your views matter

The Department is seeking views from relevant fisheries stakeholders on a proposal to introduce new spatial management measures in the WISMB. At this stage, the spatial management measures are being proposed as a temporary arrangement, pending the collection and review of further evidence relating to blue carbon, sustainable fisheries, and marine conservation benefits, in 2026. 

Consultation process

All comments received will be collated and considered in the subsequent post-consultation report. Any published comments will be anonymised and will be compliant with Isle of Man GDPR guidelines.

Your personal information will not be published or made available. All responses will be anonymised and aggregated before summarising consultation responses. Anonymous responses will not be considered or included in the summary of comments.

Please note you do not have to answer all questions if you feel it is not relevant to you.

Responding to this consultation

You can respond to this consultation online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below. Alternatively you can download a paper version of this consultation in the 'Related' section below and email it to or post it to:

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