Planning & Building Control customer survey

Closed 16 Nov 2022

Opened 20 Sep 2022

Feedback updated 27 Jan 2023

We asked

The survey was published on the Government Consultation Hub and ran from 21.09.22 to 16.11.22.  It was publicised by a number of methods including Press Release/Social Media, Reference on planning decision letters sent out and E-mails to the opt-in Planning User Group.  The survey included a number of questions about topics including which services people used and how they rated the service received, finding information (including about our reception and website) and suggestions for improvements.

You said

There were 110 responses to the survey, including 71 from members of the public and 27 from Developer/Applicant/Agent/Architects.  This report sets these out in more detail, but a number of key issues/themes can be identified:

  • Speed - The importance of timely decision making and correspondence;
  • Consistency - The importance of consistent advice and consistent service standards;
  • Communication - The need to ensure effective communication, including keeping people up-to-date with applications; and
  • Purpose – differing views about the purpose of officers/the planning system and consequently questions about the broad approach taken to service delivery.

We did

The survey results are very helpful in understanding what aspects of the service are particularly valued for people, what is currently done well and what areas are priorities for improvement.  The results of the survey have been discussed with staff and a number of actions have been identified.  Some of these are about informing how we progress/prioritise activity already planned as part of the BERP and some of these are additional actions.  The results and our response are set out in more detail in the consultation response document provided.

Results updated 27 Jan 2023

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The Planning and Building Control team has a wide role to play in ensuring the efficient and responsible use of land, the environment and other physical resources and infrastructure on the island.  We work within a legal and policy framework to deliver both statutory and discretionary functions which regulate built development.

Our aim is to create attractive, sustainable and liveable 'places' by promoting the delivery of high quality development at appropriate locations.  This should, in turn, contribute to a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society.  As a result, our actions have a positive and proactive part to play in building a dynamic and growing economy.

We are seeking views and feedback on the Planning & Building Control service and how it can be improved.

If you submit a response, by clicking 'Submit Response' you will give us permission to analyse and include your response in our results. After you click Submit, you will no longer be able to go back and change any of your answers. However, there is an option for you to provide an email address and if you do provide this it will only be used to send a receipt and a link to a PDF copy of your response.


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