Proposed changes to the Building Regulations

Closed 16 Feb 2018

Opened 22 Dec 2017

Results expected 4 May 2018


The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture is reviewing the content of the Building Regulations in order to focus on matters concerning energy efficiency and also proposing updates to reflect changes to building practices. The proposed amendments are to help achieve the requirements set out in the Programme for Government 2016 – 2021 and the Climate Challenge Mitigation Strategy 2016-2020.

The suggested changes include increased air tightness requirements and the provision of Energy Performance Certificates. There are some other changes proposed to make it easier to provide high speed internet cabling in the future and provide for charging of electric vehicles. There are some other changes, minor in nature, which may be considered to be a tidying up exercise.

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation seeks the views of stakeholders concerning the proposed changes. 

What Happens Next

After publishing this paper we will:

  • Publish a summary of matters raised in the consultation with responses where appropriate
  • Work with representative groups, after the formal deadline has passed, in order to further inform our work, as appropriate
  • Make changes to the Building Regulations 2014 and The Approved Documents Order 2014 in consultation with Building Control Authorities as appropriate for the consideration of Tynwald


  • All Areas


  • Landlords
  • Homeowners


  • Building control