Woodland Grant Scheme 2021

Closed 7 Mar 2021

Opened 25 Jan 2021

Results updated 12 Apr 2021



In January 2020 Phase 1 of the "Isle of Man Government Action Plan for Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050” outlined a Council of Ministers’ policy commitment to increase “natural carbon capture opportunities, whilst protecting biodiversity and enhancing ecosystems, to help reach net zero by 2050”.

In order to support this policy, the Action Plan also contained the commitment to:

Provide additional incentives for tree planting under the Agricultural Development Scheme and through a dedicated woodlands grant scheme.

The Department has now developed a Woodland Grant Scheme that would support this action by providing a means to support new woodland planting other than on land that is benefitting from a grant under the Agricultural Development Scheme 2019 (“the ADS”).

If approved the Woodland Grant Scheme 2021 will allow grants to be issued by the Department for the planting and maintenance of new woodlands of between 0.2 and 10 hectares. However, land that is benefitting from an ADS grant will not be eligible for support under this Scheme.

Why your views matter

The Department is consulting to seek views from the members of public, environmental groups, land owners and individuals and those working in the forestry sector with regards to the proposal to;

  • Establish four grant support options for woodland creation
  • Each grant options will have specific requirements for composition and stocking densities
  • Proposed support for the initial payment for planting and an annual maintenance rate available for 5 years, subject to successful establishment

The Department welcomes responses to the following questions along with any additional comments that you consider may be relevant.

What happens next

A summary of responses will be posted on the Departments website within 3 months of the close of the consultation period.


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