Survey for businesses selling insurance alongside other goods and services

Closes 28 Feb 2018

Opened 12 Jan 2018


This survey is for businesses that are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Many businesses sell insurance alongside their principal goods or services (ancillary insurance). This activity is not currently regulated by the FSA because there is an exemption in legislation.

The FSA is reviewing this exemption to consider whether it remains current and consistent with international standards. If this exemption was removed, those businesses arranging ancillary insurance alongside their principal business activity would be required to register with the FSA.

The discussion paper below sets out additional background information in relation to ancillary insurance and on the FSA's project to update the IOM's regulatory framework for insurance business.

Why We Are Consulting

The FSA has designed this survey to gather more information from businesses currently taking advantage of the exemption. The results of the survey will help the FSA to determine what level of regulation is appropriate for this type of business before producing firm proposals for consultation.

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