Consultation on the draft Adoption Bill

Closed 23 Oct 2020

Opened 14 Sep 2020

Feedback updated 15 Dec 2020

We asked

The purpose of the consultation was to seek views on a draft Adoption Bill, which will update the Island’s adoption legislation and bring it in line with best practice.

The public consultation on the Bill began on 14 September 2020 and ended on 23 October 2020.

You said

The consultation received a total of 100 responses. Of those responses 96 were via the online consultation hub and a further 4 were received by email.

Of the 96 online responses 96% were from individuals and 4% were from organisations.

We received 4 responses by email with 3 from organisation and one from an individual who wished to remain anonymous.

On the whole the content of the Bill was supportive. Some respondents shared their personal experiences of adoption which we found helpful.

There were some issues raised in relation to a few clauses however, which we have addressed in the response below.

We did

We are in the process of amending the draft Bill with the aim to introduce the Bill to the branches of Tynwald during the early part of 2021.

Results updated 15 Dec 2020



The purpose of the consultation is to collect views on proposed new legislation which aims to update the law on the Island in relation to the adoption of children. 

Why your views matter

The adoption of children is currently provided for by the Adoption Act 1984.  Over time, the provisions of the Act have become outdated and no longer reflect the modern face of adoption.

The Bill seeks to update the law in relation to adoption on the Island and covers issues such as:

  • what an adoption agency or the court must consider when taking a decision in relation to the adoption of a child;
  • the issue of  parental consent;
  • the introduction of placement orders;
  • the placement of children on Island;
  • proposals for post-adoption contact;
  • how adoption information is dealt with;
  • the review of decisions made in the adoption process; and
  • the introduction of an Adoption Contact Register.

Your responses to this consultation are important and will help to inform the final content of the Bill.

What happens next

Responses to the consultation will be analysed and a summary of the results will be published after the closing date of the consultation.  Based on the consultation feedback, changes to the draft Bill will be considered and applied where appropriate.


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