Safeguarding Regulations and Guidance Notes

Closes 17 Dec 2018

Opened 16 Nov 2018


The Safeguarding Act 2018 (the Act), which received Royal Assent in April 2018, will, subject to the approval of Tynwald, come into effect in parallel with the underpinning Regulations and Statutory Guidance.

The Act strengthens the safeguarding arrangements in the Isle of Man for children and vulnerable adults by:

  • establishing in statute a single Safeguarding Board (Board) that will, broadly, continue to undertake the work of the Safeguarding Children Board and the Safeguarding Adults Partnership
  • creating a statutory duty for those working with children and vulnerable adults, requiring them to make arrangements to ensure that when they exercise their functions they consciously consider the need to safeguard children and vulnerable adults and
  • requiring the Board and those who work with children or vulnerable adults to co-operate with each other when carrying out their respective safeguarding functions

The Cabinet Office invites comments on the:

  • Safeguarding Board (Qualifications and Procedures) Regulations 2018, which set out the functions and operation of the Board, established under section 6 of the Act and
  • the 'Safeguarding Together' Statutory Guidance 2018, which provides a framework for professionals to work together to meet the requirements in sections 8, 15 and 17 of the Act

It should be noted that whilst the Act includes a number of provisions which allow for further regulations to be introduced, the Regulations, as drafted, are confined to those which provide for the operation and functions of the Board, as such the Cabinet Office also invites comments in respect of the scope of the Regulations.

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