About the Review

Closed 31 May 2022

Opened 3 Mar 2022


In November 2020, the Tynwald Constitutional and Legal Affairs and Justice Committee concluded a report on Legal Services in the Isle of Man, which included recommendations on reforms to the legal services framework in the Isle of Man.

In April 2021, the Council of Ministers provided its response to the Committee’s report, including amendments to the recommendations. The report and its amended recommendations were approved by Tynwald at that sitting.

One of the recommendations in the report was that an independent review of legal services in the Isle of Man, focussing on the areas identified in the Committee’s recommendations, be carried out by a person who has not practiced law in the Isle of Man.  

The independent review will consider in depth the full impact and consequences of the Committee’s recommendations in order to maintain the distinct character of the Island’s legal system and will review and recommend reform of the current regulatory and legislative framework, in which legal services are provided in the Isle of Man.

The review is to be undertaken independently by Edward, Lord Garnier, QC. Secretariat support and assistance will be undertaken by the Department of Home Affairs.


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