Consultation on Policing in the Isle of Man

Closed 24 May 2024

Opened 26 Apr 2024


The Department of Home Affairs is undertaking public policy consultation to help shape the policies, objectives and priorities and the means by which it is intended that they be achieved.

The Department proposes to aim for the Isle of Man to continue to be the safest Island in the British Isles, for victims to be at the centre and for the three overall aims for the Constabulary to be to protect the vulnerable, reduce harm and tackle criminality. These three aims, while interrelated, are each an important focus for the Constabulary.

The Department believes that the current eight priorities set for the Police and explained in more detail below, remain relevant today.

  • Tackling international money laundering and the financing of terrorism
  • Community policing based on neighbourhood policing principles
  • Deterring, pursuing and preventing organised crime in the Isle of Man (this includes tackling serious and organised crime and securing the Island’s entry points)
    • The Department intends to separate this priority out into two distinct priorities, to take into account the related, but separate, nature of securing the Island’s entry points and addressing serious and organised crime.
  • Tackling exploitation of vulnerable people
  • Reducing and preventing youth offending and reoffending, including anti-social behaviour
  • Reducing the harm caused by violence and tackling violence against women and girls and domestic abuse (this includes all types of violent crimes, including but not limited to sexual offences)
  • Reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads
  • Building organisational capacity and capability

The consultation document sets out key points for consideration. To ensure that the consultation content is accessible, more fulsome detail has been highlighted wherever possible.

Why your views matter

This consultation allows the Isle of Man public to help shape the Constabulary's focus, priorities and where resources are directed to.

This consultation builds on public engagement through the Constabulary roadshows towards the end of 2023 to understand what matters to you.

We would encourage consultees to read the consultation document and make any comments or suggestions within the online survey or, alternatively, via the consultation response questionnaire.

Reasonable adjustments and alternative formats

The Department is committed to equal opportunities and our aim is to make our documents easy to use and accessible to all.

We will take steps to accommodate any reasonable adjustments and provide such assistance as you may reasonably require to enable you to access or reply to this consultation.

If you would like to receive this document as a paper copy, in another format or need assistance with accessing or replying to this consultation, please email or telephone +44 1624 694305.

Responding to this consultation and questions

You can respond to this consultation online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below. Alternatively you can download a paper version of this consultation in the 'Related' section below and email it to or post it to:

Summer Patrick
Administration and Policy Executive
DHA Headquarters Building
Tromode Road
Isle of Man

What happens next

The Department of Home Affairs ('the Department') will use the responses along with what we heard at the Constabulary roadshows, consultation with the Chief Constable, Community Safety Partnership, reporting from the Constabulary and research to develop the Policing Plan 2024-25.  Once finalised, the Policing Plan 2024-25 will be published and laid before Tynwald.

A detailed Summary of Responses to this consultation will be produced and provided on the Consultation Hub in the weeks following the conclusion of this consultation. This will allow the Department to consider the responses and provide 'We asked, You said, We did' commentary.


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