National Infrastructure Security Bill (NISB) – Public Consultation

Closed 25 Mar 2024

Opened 5 Feb 2024

Feedback updated 18 Jun 2024

We asked

The Department of Home Affairs invited feedback on the policy principles for the proposed National Infrastructure Security Bill.

You said

The public consultation opened on the 5 February 2024 and closed on the 25 March 2024. The Department received 53 responses to the consultation, 48 of which were received via the consultation hub. The 53 responses comprised:

  • 36 Members of the public
  • 7 Private Companies
  • 6 Government Departments, Offices or Boards
  • 1 Industry Body
  • 1 Local Authority
  • 2 not identified

There was a consensus from the responses received on the need for legislation.

Amongst the feedback, there was agreement on the need for a competent and technical authority, as well a general agreement on the key sectors that would constitute the national infrastructure. Furthermore, it is apparent that some sectors on the Isle of Man already comply with compliance regimes similar to those set out in the policy principles and that this must be accounted for when drafting legislation.

We did

The Department is grateful to the individuals and organisations who responded to the consultation. All responses received have now been analysed and used to create a consultation summary report, which has been published on this page.  This report also includes commentary in places where relevant and where respondents indicated that their response could be published or published anonymously.

The report summarises the responses received and sets out the next steps the Department intends to take following this engagement. These will include further research into the options for establishing a Competent Authority (ies) and a Technical Authority as well as finalising which sectors should be included in the definition of the National Infrastructure.

The work in this area will help make our Island safer and we are committed to ensuring that those who may be affected have, through this consultation, and will continues to be involved in the detailed proposals. 

Results updated 17 Jun 2024



Isle of Man residents should have confidence in the security and resilience of national infrastructure sectors to deliver essential goods and services. Essential services – such as our electricity grid, water supply and telecommunication systems should be able to withstand and recover from hazards that might disrupt their functions.

Unfortunately, hostile entities and criminals have recognised that this dependency creates an opportunity for what have become known as ‘cyber-attacks’, examples of recent attacks are highlighted in appendix 1 (available in the 'Related' section below).

In response to evolving cyber-threats, Governments in other jurisdictions have introduced legislation aimed at strengthening security for the core services they consider to form part of their National Infrastructure. As such, the Department of Home Affairs is looking to introduce the ‘National Infrastructure Security Bill’ (NISB) to increase our Island’s cyber resilience.

Why your views matter

The Department of Home Affairs wishes to introduce a National Infrastructure Security Bill to raise levels of security and resilience for core services on the Isle of Man which rely heavily on digital services. The Department is seeking views from interested parties on the key policy principles that would be used to draft the National Infrastructure Security Bill.

Responding to this consultation

You can respond to this consultation online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below. Alternatively you can download a paper version of this consultation in the 'Related' section below and email it to or post it to:

Mike Haywood
Office of Cyber-Security & Information Assurance
2nd Floor Former Lower Douglas Police Station,
Fort Street,
Isle of Man,

What happens next

The results from this consultation will be analysed and used to inform the first stage of the drafting process. There may the opportunity for further consultation on specific details of the NISB.


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