Business Parking in Douglas, Onchan, Union Mills and Laxey

Closed 10 Jun 2019

Opened 29 Apr 2019


We’ve recently begun a process to update our strategies for planning and managing parking in Douglas, Onchan, Union Mills and Laxey. The last such strategy was developed in 2013 and parking needs have changed since that time; we therefore need to plan now for changes in future parking demand that will come from new development in the area and changes in the way people use and access local services.

Ensuring access for customers and employees is an essential, yet often overlooked aspect of running a business, and we want to ensure that our strategy takes your site’s needs into account. This 10-minute survey will therefore cover many aspects of parking as it relates to businesses on the Isle of Man, while also offering a chance to provide your own commentary and ideas about how to improve this provision both for your own and for other businesses.  

Why We Are Consulting

The Department of Infrastructure is looking to review both on- and off-street parking during this process, and we are hoping to receive your input as a business owner in order to develop our new strategy.


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  • Leaseholders/ landowners
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