Changing local government legislation

Closed 4 Dec 2017

Opened 9 Oct 2017


The Department of Infrastructure is proposing to introduce a Bill to facilitate the implementation of a number of recommendations of a Select Committee of Tynwald on Local Authorities: Members’ Interests.

This would involve amending the Local Government Act 1985 ('1985 Act'). As part of this work the Department is also looking at updating the provisions of the 1985 Act relating to Joint Boards.  

The Department is taking this opportunity to address other known issues with local government legislation, for example the Local Elections Act 1986. This consultation will go into more detail about those known issues, which the Department wishes to resolve and in some circumstances provide further clarification to the existing provisions.    

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is designed to invite comments on the Department of Infrastructure’s proposed amendments to the Local Government Act 1985 and other local government legislation. 

The current legislation is over 30 years old and is in need of updating such as progressing  the recommendations of the Select Committee of Tynwald on Local Authorities: Members’ interests.

What Happens Next

Following the analysis of the consultation results, the Department intends, subject to Council of Ministers' approval, to introduce a Bill into the House of Keys early 2018. 


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