Encouraging Active Travel on the Isle of Man

Closed 25 Sep 2017

Opened 31 Jul 2017

Feedback updated 9 Jan 2018

We asked

As part of this consultation, the Department of Infrastructure asked a number of questions relating to the proposed work on active travel, including specific definitions, opinions on the long-term vision, the proposed initial areas of work and targets set by the Department to increase the number of people travelling actively. 

You said

A total of 379 responses was received to the consultation. In general, many of the responses were supportive of the proposed work by the Department and agreed with most of the proposed definitions. A significant number of comments were received in relation to each of the questions asked.

We did

All of the comments and suggestions received have been considered as part of this consultation analysis, and will be further considered by the officer group as part of the preparation of the forthcoming Active Travel Strategy and action plan. 

Results updated 26 Jan 2018

The consultation report will consider each question and analyse comments received in relation to those questions. A summary of the responses by questions asked and a high level summary is provided in Appendix 1.



The Department of Infrastructure is committed to encouraging the use of active travel on the Isle of Man. Active travel is being defined as walking or cycling as an alternative to motorised transport (cars, buses, motorcycles, etc) for the purpose of making everyday journeys.

The long-term vision for the Isle of Man is to be an Island where cycling and walking are normal and realistic transport choices for people of all ages and abilities.

One of the main ways in which to achieve this vision will be to increase the number of people actively travelling.

The Isle of Man’s communities are shaped around its people, with walking and cycling being the most popular and accessible choices for shorter everyday journeys. Travelling by foot or bicycle is a realistic option for many local journeys for individuals.

The Department will prepare an Action Plan with identified objectives and tasks following consideration of this consultation exercise. This will assist with the delivery of the long-term vision for active travel on the Isle of Man. 

Why your views matter

The Department is keen to consider views from the general public, Local Authorities, interest groups, and employers in relation to the contents of this document. 

What happens next

All responses received will be reviewed and following which, the Department will continue to work with relevant stakeholders to prepare an appropriate and achievable Action Plan with identified Objectives to assist with the delivery of the long-term vision.  


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