Modernising the Isle of Man Post Office

Closed 16 Oct 2018

Opened 22 Aug 2018


Isle of Man Post Office (IOMPO) is seeking public opinion on how best to adapt letter and parcel deliveries and post office services in the community to suit demand in a financially responsible way.

The IOMPO has a very proud heritage with a loyal and dedicated team providing trusted services that meet the needs of the community each and every day.

The ‘online’ digital revolution is changing the way people communicate and how and where they choose to buy their goods and pay for services. These changes are impacting the postal industry globally as fewer letters are being sent, and fewer people are using post offices than ever before, while parcel deliveries and returns increase as more people shop online.

The change in demand for these core services locally, coupled with changing demand for IOMPO’s commercial services and increasing costs, mean IOMPO is reporting a loss for the first time in its history. The Board of IOMPO have developed a five-year strategy to address these issues, and with public support, develop a modern Post Office fit for the future.

An important part of IOMPO’s strategy is to consult with Isle of Man residents, businesses, organisations and its clients on our core services. This will provide a better understanding of customers’ needs and how the services might be improved, offering value for money, while assuring IOMPO remains self-funding and sustainable in the future. In parallel to the consultation, with the support of Tynwald, IOMPO will be working across Government to identify services that could be provided by the Post Office, utilising its unique attributes and local delivery capabilities, to the benefit of the community.

Completing this consultation should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Your feedback from the consultation will inform the strategic choices IOMPO will put forward for Tynwald approval and as such, I encourage you to recommend to your friends, family and colleagues to participate.  

Thank you for your time, your feedback is appreciated.

Julie Edge MHK
Chairman of Isle of Man Post Office

Why We Are Consulting

This consultation, open to open to Isle of Man residents, businesses, organisations, and IOMPO clients, is part of the strategic review of the Letters and Parcels and Sub Post Office Network divisions of IOMPO. We want you to have the opportunity to help shape decisions and future enhancements to these important community aspects of IOMPO.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

What Happens Next

Thank you for your interest in helping to modernise Isle of Man Post Office.

Within the next 12 weeks, we will compile a summary of results which will be available to you from October 2018.

The results will help shape decisions on the future delivery of letter services and the sub post office network in the community.


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