Draft Wayleaves Bill

Closes 24 Jul 2020

Opened 28 May 2020


The Draft Wayleaves Bill seeks to enable existing government infrastructure to be used in order to greatly enhance the provision of high speed commercial telecommunications services throughout the Island to the benefit of residents and businesses.  It will enable equipment   to be installed where the means to do so is already in place but has not previously been utilised, and for no additional payment over and above what has already been, or is being paid for the loss of amenity.  The Bill does not enable the Statutory Authority concerned to build new infrastructure without agreement by the landowners and or occupiers of the land concerned.

Should you wish for a paper copy of this consultation please email karen.westcott@manxutilities.im with your name and address and we will arrange to post a copy out to you. 

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation seeks views from members of the public, interested parties and stakeholders on the proposed clauses within the new Draft Bill.

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