Organ Donation (Isle of Man) Bill 2018

Closed 8 Jun 2018

Opened 29 Mar 2018

Feedback updated 13 Feb 2019

We asked

Following permission in October 2017 to bring forward a Private Members Bill, Mr Martyn Perkins MHK sought views from the public on draft legislation about introducing a ‘presumed consent’ system for organ donation between 29 March 2018 and 8 June 2018. The intention of the Bill is to increase the number of people willing to become an organ donor.

You said

In total 292 responses were received: 96% of the responses were from Isle of Man residents and 98% were from private individuals.

•    82 people gave their permission to publish their response in full
•    157 people gave their permission to publish anonymously
•    53 people did not give consent to publish their response

When asked whether they are a registered organ donor, people responded:

•    Yes: 166 (57%)
•    No: 79 (27%)
•    Don’t know: 18 (6%)
•    No – but I have thought about registering: 15 (5%)
•    No – I don’t know how to register: 11 (4%)
•    Not answered: 3 (1%)

A number of respondents had had experience of part of the process of organ donation. 89% of respondents had discussed organ donation with family members or next of kin.

Mr Perkins is grateful to all those who took the time to submit their views to this consultation.

We did

The results report is now available to download below.

Results updated 13 Feb 2019



On the Island, approximately 12,600 island residents are registered on the UK NHS Organ Donor Register. Many people have made the generous gift of their organs and tissue to help someone else in the event of their death, but despite many people registering there is still a shortage of donors.

Why your views matter

The proposed change is intended to help the system better reflect the position of the majority of people who would be happy to donate their organs and tissue when they die. It will also respect the decisions of those who do not wish to be donors.

What happens next

The consultation responses will inform the final version of the Bill to be discussed by Tynwald later in the year. 


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