Proposed changes to employed person’s allowance and proposed change to income support for lone parents

Closed 11 Jan 2018

Opened 30 Nov 2017


This consultation is about proposed changes to the entitlement criteria for the following income-related social security benefits:

  • employed person’s allowance, and
  • income support for lone parents

Why We Are Consulting

The proposed changes would have significant social and economic impacts.

This consultation will enable us to decide whether:
  • the proposed changes should be progressed
  • they need changing
  • what exceptions may need to be made

What Happens Next

Treasury will consider all of the comments received and will then publish a document summarising the responses and stating what it intends to do next.


  • All Areas


  • Children & young people
  • Unemployed
  • Parents, carers and & guardians
  • People with disabilities or long term illness


  • Policies, strategies & plans