Policy Proposals - Public Sector Payments Bill

Closed 6 Jan 2023

Opened 21 Nov 2022

Feedback updated 6 Mar 2023

We asked

The Treasury sought views on 10 key policy proposals concerning the Public Sector Payments Bill.

You said

58 responses were received.

Each of the policy proposals set were supported by the majority of respondents. Issues raised by respondents are discussed in detail in the Consultation Response document.

We did

The Treasury is grateful to all who responded to the consultation.

A Consultation Response document has been prepared which provides a summary of responses and proposed next steps.

Results updated 6 Mar 2023



The Public Sector Payments Bill is a proposed piece of legislation that will replace the Payment of Members Expenses Act 1989 ('the 1989 Act').  The main aim of the new legislation is to modernise the statutory arrangements that enable the remuneration of members of various offices and bodies.

This consultation seeks views on ten key policy proposal areas. 

Why your views matter

This consultation will be of principle interest to those serving, or considering serving, in the Public Sector.  

In addition to the views of Members of Tynwald, and Chief Officers of Departments, Boards and Offices, the Treasury would be particularly pleased to receive the views of any person holding a membership that will be impacted by any changes that arise through the new legislation.

Responding to this consultation

Any comments or questions that are not otherwise submitted through this hub, should be submitted in writing to:

Policy & Legislation Office,
The Treasury,
1st Floor, Government Office,
Bucks Road,

Or by email to:  Treasuryconsultations@gov.im

The closing date for the receipt of comments is 6 January 2023.


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