The Collection of Civil Debt (Phase 1)

Closes 5 Jan 2018

Opened 20 Nov 2017


The effectiveness of the current legislative and organisational framework in respect of the collection of debts on the Isle of Man has been the subject of periodic review over a number of years. Proposals and actions have covered a wide variety of areas but the Treasury has been unable to find a solution to the underlying issues which provides a more cost effective approach to debt collection for all parties involved.

The revised approach now outlined within this consultation seeks to both build upon the previous work undertaken and also provide a more structured and phased approach for reform which includes the underlying legislation, organisational framework and procedures relating to the collection of civil debt.

Why We Are Consulting

This initial consultation outlines the phased approach to reform and seeks views on the first phase which concentrates on reviewing and improving the underlying framework of how debts are recorded and made accessible and the options for improvement in areas that effect how debts are then recovered by the coroners. 

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