Civil Legal Aid

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Closes 30 Apr 2020


Legal Aid describes funds paid by the Isle of Man Government to Advocates (or legal practices) for the legal services they provide to individuals who cannot afford to pay. These services may include legal advice, assistance and representation in Court. 

Legal Aid plays a crucial role in the Isle of Man as it promotes the accessibility and smooth running of the Manx justice system. The availability of Legal Aid to uphold the rule of law and individual rights benefits everyone, not just those who receive it, as Legal Aid contributes to a fairer and more just society.

Civil Legal Aid falls into two main categories:

  • Family matters 
  • Non-Family matters 

Further information and examples of Family and Non-Family matters are included in this consultation for consideration. Full details of the proceedings for which Civil Legal Aid may be given are set out in Schedule 1 to the Legal Aid Act 1986.