The Area Plan for the East: Additional potential development sites

Closed 9 Mar 2018

Opened 26 Jan 2018

Results expected 25 May 2018


Last year the Cabinet Office published a set of consultation documents to mark the start of the formal process to prepare a new development plan for the East of the Island. This process, known as ‘Preliminary Publicity’, was a public consultation on the matters that the Department intended the Area Plan to deal with. Details of all of the sites under consideration were published, including draft site assessment reports for each site.

During the Consultation, a number of additional sites were suggested and the details of these sites are now being made public.

The documents now available for public viewing are:

  • The ‘All-Sites’ Map (updated to show 35 additional sites)
  • Additional Site details submitted by each proposer
  • Draft Site Assessment Reports for 34 sites   
  • A Summary Table listing all of the additional 35 sites  

All of the Local Authority areas in the Plan area are affected by these new sites:

  • Borough of Douglas
  • District of Onchan
  • Parishes of Braddan, Garff - Laxey and Lonan Wards, Marown and Santon.  

Why your views matter

Once approved by Tynwald, the new Area Plan will replace the statutory development plans currently in operation in the East. It is very important that adequate publicity is given to all of the sites that are being considered.

It is important to note that all proposals, recommendations and maps will be prepared anew and not carried over. This means that everyone with an interest, whether this is connected to where they live or work or spend time, is encouraged to stay involved.   

All responses will help shape the development of the Draft Area Plan for the East which is to be published no later than 25 May 2018.   

Please note: Thanks to the members of the public who have advised us of some errors in site addresses and descriptions. These are all being noted and shall be corrected as work on the Area Plan for the East continues.

One example is site SH018 (Quines Hill) which is listed in Santon, but is actually in Braddan. You will see this being corrected in the summary report at the end of the consultation, where SH018 will become BH045, the correct sequential reference.

As always we welcome your input: no matter what the level of detail is. Large or small, every comment is important. 

What happens next

All comments will be considered by the Cabinet Office. Analysis will be set out in the ‘Table of Representations’ which will accompany the Draft Area Plan for the East. 

The Draft Area Plan plus all accompanying evidence papers will be published no later than 25 May 2018.


  • Braddan
  • Douglas
  • Garff
  • Marown
  • Onchan
  • Santon


  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Homeowners
  • Leaseholders/ landowners


  • Planning policy
  • Local Plans