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Closes 21 Sep 2020


The Cabinet Office is currently inviting members of the public to suggest questions for inclusion in the 2021 census. The census is the largest and one of the most important statistical resources concerning the Isle of Man and your contribution could help determine its final form.

Practical considerations and the need to ensure that the census is conducted in a way compatible with human rights principles mean that questions can only be included if:

  • there is a strong and clearly defined need for the data;
  • the data cannot be obtained from any other source;
  • the data is of national importance and capable of producing high quality statistical outputs; and
  • the question is clear and easily understood.

In particular, questions cannot:

  • be sensitive or potentially intrusive;
  • require lengthy explanations or instructions to ensure an accurate answer;
  • impose an excessive burden on respondents, such as by requiring a lengthy answer;
  • seek information that is largely subjective, not readily known to the respondent, or unlikely to be recalled quickly and accurately; or
  • require extensive processing that would add significantly to the cost of the census.

Selection for inclusion will be based on these criteria and on the relative strength of the need for the data concerned.

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