Draft Area Plan for the North and West

Closed 16 Sep 2022

Opened 24 Jun 2022


In accordance with paragraph 3 of Schedule 1 to the Town and Country Planning Act 1999, the Cabinet Office has published the Draft Area Plan for the North and West of the Island which include the Town Districts of Ramsey and Peel, the District of Michael; and the Parishes of Jurby, Andreas, Bride, Ballaugh, Lezayre, Garff (Maughold Ward only), German and Patrick.

This Area Plan will implement the broad Island-wide planning policies set out in the Isle of Man Strategic Plan 2016. A series of local proposals for housing, employment land, the environment and all necessary supporting infrastructure will be included with a clear focus on urban regeneration in our settlements.

The Plan will identify how the North and West will change over the plan period with clarity about how the Plan will protect important landscapes and habitats, enhance the places where people live, work and spend time and create new sites for development for various purposes.

Why your views matter

This consultation is one of many in the process of creating an Area Plan and seeks views on the Written Statement, Maps and supporting evidence that makes up the plan.

By commenting you will help resolve any outstanding or unforeseen issues, correct errors, refine Proposals and Development Briefs and help frame amendments put forward by Cabinet Office ahead of the Public Inquiry. This will ensure a robust, sustainable Plan for the North and West.



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