Safeguarding Bill 2017

Closed 3 Oct 2017

Opened 22 Aug 2017

Feedback Updated 12 Dec 2017

We Asked

We asked for the views of the public on the proposed content of a draft Safeguarding Bill; a Bill which has been designed to bring Safeguarding into statute, thereby strengthening the safeguarding arrangements.

You Said

The consultation attracted 31 responses in total  - 21 online responses as well as 10 responses by post and email.

Most respondents acknowledged the need for Safeguarding to be put on a statutory footing. There were some queries around the formation and make- up of the board and a small number were looking for more explanation around some of the definitions.

We Did

Full consideration has been given to the consultation responses received. Some minor amendments and development of definitions within the Bill were made before preparing the Bill for introduction to the Legislative Branches. 

First Reading - 7 November 2017

Second Reading - 14 November 2017 

Third Reading - 5 December 2017 

Results Updated 13 Nov 2017


Published Responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


The purpose of this consultation paper is to invite interested parties to consider and comment on the proposed content of a draft Safeguarding Bill 2017 (“Bill”); a Bill designed to strengthen the safeguarding arrangements in the Isle of Man (“IoM”) for children and vulnerable adults. This consultation follows on from an internal consultation undertaken in July 2017.

In the Programme for Government 2016 – 2021 an overarching aim of this Government is for a society that is both inclusive and caring. An outcome within the theme of a “Healthy and Safe Island” is to have improved the quality of life for children, young people and families at risk.

To help achieve this, the Council of Ministers agreed upon a number of initial actions that would be taken. One such action was to put the Safeguarding Children Board (“SCB”) on a statutory footing and to consider introducing a statutory board for safeguarding adults.

The Bill will achieve this by establishing in statute a single Safeguarding Board (“Board”) that will, broadly speaking, continue to do the work of the SCB and the Safeguarding Adults Partnership (“SAP”).

In addition to establishing the Board the Bill principally seeks to do the following:

To create a statutory duty for those working with children or vulnerable adults; requiring them to make arrangements to ensure that, when they exercise their functions, they consciously consider the need to safeguard children and vulnerable adults; and

To require the Board and those who work with children or vulnerable adults to co-operate with each other when they are carrying out their respective safeguarding functions.


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Why We Are Consulting

This consultation paper seeks views from everyone but it is addressed in particular at those private sector organisations and voluntary agencies that provide services to children and families and vulnerable adults. Thank you for your participation. 

What Happens Next

After the consultation has closed, the Cabinet Office will publish a summary of responses that have been received


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