Family leave rights

Closed 26 Aug 2022

Opened 30 Jun 2022

Feedback updated 19 Jan 2023

We asked

We asked for your views on proposals for new rights to time off work and leave, such as time off for dependents, shared parental leave and parental bereavement leave.

You said

387 responses were received. The proposals generally received overwhelming support. However, a number of issues were raised. These are set out in the consultation review document below.

We did

The Department for Enterprise is grateful to all who responded to the consultation.

As a result of the consultation the Department proposes that a Bill be drafted which will amend the Employment Act 2006 to introduce:

  • right to time off work to accompany a partner to ante natal appointments, including enabling powers to specify in secondary legislation whether the time off is paid or unpaid, the number of occasions of time off can be taken and the maximum duration of each occasion;
  • right to time off work to attend adoption appointments (for single adopters and for couples), including powers to specify in secondary legislation whether right to time off is paid or unpaid, maximum number of occasions and maximum time for each occasion;
  • right to unpaid time off work for dependants (e.g. child, spouse, parents) in order to deal with unforeseen incidents, including powers to specify in secondary legislation maximum length of time;
  • right to shared parental leave (including shared adoption leave), including powers to specify in secondary legislation conditions regarding duration, entitlement etc.;
  • right to parental bereavement leave, including powers to specify in secondary legislation conditions regarding duration, entitlement etc.; and
  • keeping in touch days for maternity leave.

Though there is no intention to introduce statutory pay at present, the Department also intends to include in the Bill a power which will enable introduction of statutory pay, for the purposes of the Employment Act 2006, through secondary legislation.

Subject to the Bill completing its passage through the Legislative Branches and receiving Royal Assent, secondary legislation implementing the rights to time off, shared parental and bereavement leave and keeping in touch days, will be brought forward. It should be noted that the secondary legislation will require the approval of Tynwald.

Results updated 19 Jan 2023



The Department seeks views on the introduction of a number of family leave rights. Specifically, these are:

  • Introduction of shared parental leave
  • Introduction of parental bereavement leave
  • Provision for 'keeping in touch' days for maternity and paternity leave
  • Extension of rights to time off for ante natal care
  • Introduction of time off for adoption appointments
  • Time off for dependants

Why your views matter

The Isle of Man has a number of statutory employment rights relating to time off work and family leave, such as maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

However there are a number of family-related leave rights that the Island does not have. For example, shared parental leave, which would enable mothers and fathers choice and flexibility in how they care for new children in their first year.

The other proposals consulted on would provide statutory rights to leave to enable leave in a number of circumstances.

Submitting your response

You can submit your response online by clicking on the 'Online Survey' link below or via post or email by downloading the consultation paper found on the 'Related' section below. 


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