Education (Amendment) Bill

Closed 10 May 2024

Opened 27 Mar 2024


The Department is seeking the views of the public on areas that are considered appropriate for update in the proposed Education (Amendment) Bill.

Who is this consultation for?

Within ‘Our Island Plan’, which sets out the Island’s vision for the next 10-15 years, one of the Strategic Priorities is to provide ‘Outstanding lifelong learning and development opportunities for all’.

To work towards this priority, the Department views it as essential that the opinions of those with a vested interest in education are considered.  For this reason, the Department is seeking the views of stakeholders and the public in developing the future of education on the Isle of Man.

Key points

This Consultation is seeking opinions on proposed changes to the law in the following areas:

  • Additional Educational Needs
  • Education Tribunals
  • Emergency Closure of Schools
  • Religious Education
  • Governing Bodies
  • Home Education
  • Admissions and Catchment
  • Children who are Looked After


You are not required to provide any of your personal information to complete this consultation. 

Please consider your choice from the following options:

  • Publish in full – your first name, surname and organisation name, along with full answers will be published on the hub (your email address will not be published).  If you choose to respond directly by email or post, this will not be published
  • Publish anonymously – only your responses will be published on the hub (your name, organisation and email address will not be published)
  • Do not publish – nothing will be published publicly on the hub – your response will only be part of a larger summary response document

The collection and processing of your personal information in relation to this consultation are done so on the basis of your consent (Article 6(1)(a) of the Applied GDPR.

Should you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, please contact the Department on after which your personal information will be deleted from the dataset within one calendar month.

Reasonable adjustments and alternative formats

DESC is committed to equal opportunities and our aim is to make our documents easy to use and accessible to everybody. 

We will take steps to accommodate any reasonable adjustments and provide such assistance as you may reasonably require to enable you to access or reply to this consultation.

If you would like to receive this document in another format or need assistance with accessing or replying to this consultation, please email or telephone +44 1624 685808.

What happens next?

Following the consultation, the results will be reviewed and will be used to inform the Education (Amendment) Bill.

Where appropriate, we will liaise further with respondents.

A consultation summary will be produced and made available on the Consultation Hub.

The Consultation period will end on Friday 10 May 2024.

Why your views matter

The overarching vision of ‘Our Island Plan’ is to build a ‘secure, vibrant and sustainable future for our Island Nation’.

Education plays a fundamental role in achieving this vision and the Department has committed to updating its existing legislation to ensure that it is suitable and relevant for future education provision.

In order to deliver this commitment, the Department is seeking to introduce an Amendment Bill to implement change in the following areas which have been identified as a priority:

  • Additional Educational Needs
  • Education Tribunals
  • Emergency Closure of Schools
  • Religious Education
  • Governing Bodies
  • Home Education
  • Admissions and Catchment
  • Children who are Looked After

To ensure that your opinion is considered when the Amendment Bill is drafted, please proceed by clicking on 'Online Survey' below.

Alternatively, you may also submit responses by email or post to:

DESC Policy Hub
Thie Slieau Whallian
Foxdale Road
St John's
Isle of Man



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Education 16-19
  • Early years & primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Higher education