Climate Change (Single-Use Plastics) Regulations 2021 Consultation

Closed 1 Sep 2021

Opened 16 Jul 2021

Feedback updated 14 Jan 2022

We asked

The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture consulted on regulations to enact actions under The Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan for the Isle of Man Community: a legislative ban on the sale and distribution of particular single use plastic items (plates, plastic carrier bags, straws (with necessary exceptions i.e. medical use), stirrers, cutlery, polystyrene food containers for immediate use, polystyrene cups, plastic stemmed cotton buds, balloon sticks and Oxo-degradable plastics); and a legislative ban on the manufacture, sale and distribution of rinse-off personal care products that contain plastic microbeads.

You said

There were 688 responses and broad support for the draft regulations. There was also support for restrictions on further single use plastic items.

We did

Following this consultation, the Regulations have been amended to clarify the definition of ‘plastic’ that is controlled. The exemption for single use plastic bags for unwrapped blades will be removed from the Regulations as other more suitable materials (such as cardboard) are readily and cheaply available for this purpose. The Regulations have been clarified to ensure that single use items are only exempt in a prison or school setting for disability or access needs. With regard to multiple use plastic bags, the Department has decided to see what results from the ban on the provision of single use plastic  bags, and work with local businesses and plastic pollution NGO’s to monitor trends in bag usage and litter, which will be reviewed at a later date. No further market restrictions have been agreed at this time.

Please see the full report below for details.


Proposed regulations that will prohibit the sale, supply, manufacture and distribution of various single use plastic items and products containing microbeads.

Why your views matter

These regulations, if passed, will affect businesses and potentially individuals within the community. We wish to consult to seek views on the prohibitions, exemptions, enforcement and civil sanctions proposed.

The proposed regulations can be accessed below for reference throughout the consultation. 

Climate Change (Single Use Plastics )Regulations 2021.

What happens next

We will review results from the consultation which will be used to inform the final version of the regulation.

We will liaise further with respondents as necessary.


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