Permitted Development Review

Closes 2 Sep 2024

Opened 10 Jun 2024


As part of the Built Environment Reform Programme ('BERP'), the Cabinet Office is proposing changes to some of the legislation that sets out what can be done without needing a planning application (Permitted Development Orders).  This consultation seeks feedback on the draft legislation. 

Why your views matter

Between 2020 and 2023 an average of around 1400 applications were made under the Town and Country Planning Act each year. Over 60% of these sought full planning approval for smaller proposals such as householder applications. For example, this included an average of over 70 applications each year for replacing windows to properties in Conservation Areas.

By reviewing and expanding the works that can be undertaken without needing a planning application, finite government resources can be redirected towards dealing with those proposals which most need the scrutiny afforded by the planning application process. Furthermore, those wishing to invest in property improvements are able to do so more easily, which is of benefit to both property owners and the wider construction industry.

How your data will be used

This consultation is anonymous. Your response will published as part of a larger summary response document.

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