Fees 2019

Closed 11 Jan 2019

Opened 15 Nov 2018


The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority has issued Consultation CP18-09/T14 on proposed changes to fees payable to the Authority from 1 April 2019.

Why We Are Consulting

The consultation is relevant to all persons that are licensed, authorised or registered under the:

  • Financial Services Act 2008
  • Insurance Act 2008
  • Retirement Benefits Schemes Act 2000
  • Designated Businesses (Registration and Oversight) Act 2015

or that have responsibility for collective investment schemes under the:

  • Collective Investment Schemes Act 2008

It is also relevant to advisers to those persons, or potential applicants for those permissions or their advisers. 

What Happens Next

Following closure of the consultation period, the Authority will review the reponses received and publish a Consultation Response document on the Authority's website and the Isle of Man Government's Consultation Hub.

Subject to any changes to the proposals that may be made as a result of responses received, it is intended that thedraft legislation will be finalised for laying before Tynwald for approval at the March 2019 sitting for commencement in April 2019.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Legislation
  • Finance