Capacity Bill Consultation

Closed 8 Apr 2021

Opened 25 Feb 2021

Results updated 18 Jun 2021

The Capacity Bill Consultation closed on 8 April 2021.

The results of this Capacity Bill Consultation can be viewed below. 



We previously consulted on the Capacity Policy from August to November 2020 – this consultation is to consult on the Bill. 

This consultation is issued by the Department for the purpose of inviting interested parties to consider and comment on the proposed content of a draft Capacity Bill 2021, a Bill designed to create a modern and clear legal framework which safeguards the rights, dignity and wellbeing of people who may have lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

There are a number of questions throughout this consultation. They are there to guide you when responding and should not be taken to be prescriptive or restrictive; you are free to raise any points or make any comments that you believe to be relevant.

This consultation seeks views from everyone. We anticipate an interest from health and care practitioners, private sector organisations, voluntary and community sector organisations that provide services to people who may lack the capacity to make decisions as well as families who may also be impacted.

You can give us your views by filling out the consultation online by clicking on the 'online survey' link below. A paper copy of this consultation and the Capacity Bill can be accessed below under Related.

If you have any queries about this consultation please contact:

Georgina Jones
Department of Health and Social Care,
Crookall House,
Demesne Road,
Telephone: +44 1624 685167

Please note the print size of this consultation online can be increased by up to 200% for ease of reading or simply use your own screen settings to zoom in to increase the text.

Why your views matter

To inform and advise the content of the Capacity Bill and also to gain response and opinion of intentions.


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